These are some samples of the most popular flavours I offer but there are so many different ones I couldn't list them all! If there is a particular flavour you would like that isn't listed here please ask.

Lemon Cake

Adapted from an old family recipe, this is a beautifully light and fluffy citrus sponge. The tangy lemon icing makes it incredibly refreshing and moreish - my personal favourite!

Chocolate Cake

Rich, Moist and oozing with Chocolate Buttercream, or perhaps Blackcurrant or Cherry Jam? Add Milk/Dark/White Chocolate Chips, Fruit and Nuts or an Orange or Peppermint Flavouring for a little variety

Carrot Cake

Beautifully Moist with a Cream Cheese Frosting Filling. Not recommended for very large and tall cakes due to its texture but delicious and very moreish

Rich, Moist Fruit Cake

I don't often get asked to do many fruit cakes these days but this recipe is perfect for everyone. Made with Cranberries, Citrus Fruits and Double Cream one slice won't be enough!

Raspberry and White Chocolate Cake

Made with fresh raspberries this cake works well with a cream cheese frosting filling and is one for the sweet tooth. Fresh Strawberries can be used as an alternative

Vanilla Sponge

A Classic and Popular choice, sandwiched together with Jam and Buttercream to make the perfect sweet treat!